St. Francis Xavier Students Live Greener and Support Honeybees

St. Francis Xavier Students Live Greener and Support Honeybees Staff

With the recent announcement that the town of Antigonish has set the goal of becoming Canada’s first net-zero emissions community, it’s not surprising that a local Real Estate company has been focusing on the environment for some time.  Henry J. Svec, the founder of Greener Project Development, explains the companies newly completed solar units, honeybee initiative, and Carbon Offset Program.

“We have seven student buildings that connect into Antigonish power that are now fitted with updated solar panels to offset the students’ use of electricity.  With modest conservation habits, the system is designed to generate all of the electricity the students will need from the sun.” 

“Students are also helping the honeybees.  With each month’s rent, we take a bit and put that toward converting our 50-acre farm in Ontario back to honeybees.  The project currently houses over 1 million honeybees for education,  research and environmental purposes.  The goal is to eventually provide hives to others wishing to establish honeybee sanctuaries or rescue centers.”

“We also take part of the monthly rent to continue to support our Carbon Offset program.  We have planted trees, wildflowers, and tallgrass prairie in Ontario on 50 acres and also purchased 250 acres of forest on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.  These initiatives are used to offset the tons of carbon our students would put out in their daily lives.  The goal is to live a great student life in Antigonish, go to an amazing University and leave no pollution footprint.”

“We look forward to balancing our business with the environment’s best interests and are excited about our upcoming developments in Wolfville and Western Head, Nova Scotia.”

Greener Grinder 2021

Greener Grinder 2021

Greener Give Back Fund


Greener Project Development Inc. is dedicated to giving back to the community it works in. A percentage of all rental revenue collected by Greener is donated to the Greener Give Back Fund. Over the years the fund has contributed to a number of charitable donations.

Greener Grinder 2021

Greener Project Development Bursary up to $2,000

Are you paying your own way through University?

Greener Project Development is looking to help out one student who is putting in the extra work and paying their own way through University. Funds can be used for rent, books, food or debt.

Deadline for applications will be August 3, 2021

Apply below for the Greener Grinder Bursary – brought to you by Greener Project Development Inc. and the Greener Give Back Fund.


Must be enrolled at St. FX University for the 2021/2022 school year

Field of Study: Any

Year: All Years

Course Load: Full Time

How to Apply

Send us a write up about why you deserve the Greener Grinder Bursary.

Be sure to include your Name, University, Field of Study and Year.

Applications can be sent to

TreePad Assists Client with Solar Initiative

TreePad Assists Client with Solar Initiative

Throughout the winter of 2021 TreePad has been assisting a client with the installation of Solar on 7 of their rental units in Antigonish Nova Scotia.

“It is our goal to continue to provide a high-quality home to our tenants, in keeping with respecting our dedication and founding goals of greener living. Solar generated power is fed into the system, and each building receives credits that they then use to offset their power consumption.”

TreePad researched companies and received numerous quotes but in the end went with Appleseed Energy to source and install the solar panels.

“As a company we pride ourselves on working with clients to get them the maximum return on their property investment. If that means researching and implementing a solar initiative – we are all in.” – Joshua Svec, Owner of TreePad Property Management.

Interested in Learning How TreePad Can Help You?

COVID Friendly Ocean Front Rentals Set to Launch

COVID Friendly Ocean Front Rentals Set to Launch

At Greener Project Development we are very excited to announce this new development on the south shore of Nova Scotia. Final plans for construction to start in the spring with occupancy in the fall just in time for the amazing South Shore experience.

The three different units are specifically designed as a Wheelchair Accessible Unit, a Mind / Body Unit (with treadmill and yoga studio) and the Ocean View Soaker Tub Unit. The units will be managed by

Who said that Real Estate is a boring slow to adapt industry? ?‍♀️

Why is now a good time to invest in Nova Scotia?

Why is now a good time to invest in Nova Scotia?

Jessica Sherman
VP TreePad Property Management

The Atlantic Bubble is considered one of the safest places to be in North America during the COVID-19 Pandemic (National Post, 2020). Nova Scotia is one of four provinces currently included in the Atlantic Bubble. The Atlantic Travel Bubble refers to travel within the four Atlantic Provinces by residents of these provinces. Atlantic Bubble residents do not need to self-isolate for 14 days as long as their travel remains within the bubble (, 2020). 

Nova Scotia isn’t only safe, with its low case numbers of COVID-19, it is also attractive to many out of province investors for its lower home prices and higher rental prices than many other provinces. 

The average home price in Nova Scotia in September of 2020 was $305,599 (CREA, 2020) compared to the average home price in Ontario in September of 2020 of $741,395 (CREA, 2020). Despite the lower purchase price of a home in Nova Scotia, the average rental price for a two-bedroom apartment remains $1200 before utilities in Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) (CMHC, 2019). Currently, Nova Scotia does not have a government regulated rent control program, this means that the setting of rental prices is ultimately the decision of the landlord. 

HRM has a less than 1% vacancy rate (0.9% in 2019) (CMHC, 2019) for two-bedroom apartments. Rental units are in high demand as HRM and Nova Scotia as a whole faces an increasing population, with a lack of available rental properties on the market. Renters in Nova Scotia are often faced with less-than-ideal options as there simply is not enough housing available. 

Investors looking to purchase rental properties in Nova Scotia are looking at a lower out-of-pocket upfront cost for a property; -$303,612 less than the average home price in Canada overall (CREA, 2020). New or expanding landlords are also faced with an extremely low vacancy rate in Nova Scotia, meaning that one of the largest concerns of new landlords – carrying vacant units, is almost non-existent in this province. 

Now is a great time to invest in Nova Scotia, while people from other parts of Canada turn their eye toward the Atlantic Bubble as a safe and affordable place to call home. The province needs more investors to purchase income properties here in order to add to the availability of rental units that currently are lacking. Investing here means a lower entry cost to the market and a stable stream of tenants looking for a rental even in a market where rental prices are some of the highest we’ve seen in this province. 

TreePad Property Management is a full-service property management company, we manage your property as if it is our own. TreePad has experience in working with out of provinces investors who own property in Nova Scotia. TreePad is a sister company of Air Realty, who has a team of licensed agents that are ready to help you find your perfect investment property. Contact us today to begin the process of investing in this lucrative market!