About Us

As the leading property
management company in Nova
Scotia, we work to make our
community thrive. Our dedication,
responsiveness, and integrity is why
property owners choose Treepad to
manage their properties.

Holli Roberts – Vice President

Emily Rake – Short-Term Rental Operations Manager

Kate Shimmin – Property Manager

Jonathan Khadra – Property Manager

Josh Svec – Owner & President

As professional property managers, we keep up-to-date with the issues that directly affect the real estate industry and ultimately the properties we manage. As property owners ourselves, we bring the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your property goals.

Our mission is to help you maximize the full potential of your real estate investment. Our custom options and plans make it easy to work with Treepad, while giving you and your property the perfect amount of help you desire – and your tenants the top-notch service they deserve.