St. Francis Xavier Students Live Greener and Support Honeybees

St. Francis Xavier Students Live Greener and Support Honeybees Staff

With the recent announcement that the town of Antigonish has set the goal of becoming Canada’s first net-zero emissions community, it’s not surprising that a local Real Estate company has been focusing on the environment for some time.  Henry J. Svec, the founder of Greener Project Development, explains the companies newly completed solar units, honeybee initiative, and Carbon Offset Program.

“We have seven student buildings that connect into Antigonish power that are now fitted with updated solar panels to offset the students’ use of electricity.  With modest conservation habits, the system is designed to generate all of the electricity the students will need from the sun.” 

“Students are also helping the honeybees.  With each month’s rent, we take a bit and put that toward converting our 50-acre farm in Ontario back to honeybees.  The project currently houses over 1 million honeybees for education,  research and environmental purposes.  The goal is to eventually provide hives to others wishing to establish honeybee sanctuaries or rescue centers.”

“We also take part of the monthly rent to continue to support our Carbon Offset program.  We have planted trees, wildflowers, and tallgrass prairie in Ontario on 50 acres and also purchased 250 acres of forest on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.  These initiatives are used to offset the tons of carbon our students would put out in their daily lives.  The goal is to live a great student life in Antigonish, go to an amazing University and leave no pollution footprint.”

“We look forward to balancing our business with the environment’s best interests and are excited about our upcoming developments in Wolfville and Western Head, Nova Scotia.”